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Your HVAC unit is one of the hardest working systems in your entire home. From blistering summers to frigid winters, you want your HVAC system to function flawlessly and efficiently during any given time of the year. As such, it is always a good idea to have routine maintenance conducted on your HVAC unit so that it can continue to operate without any internal damage being caused to your unit. That’s why, in today’s article on HVAC systems, we will be discussing why it makes financial sense to call when it comes time to clean your HVAC ducts.

Average Cost of Full HVAC Replacement

Failing to keep your HVAC unit in working order can lead to a number of problems if not quickly resolved. Not only do dirty HVAC ducts introduce dust, dirt, debris, and other particulates into your home, unclean HVACs must also work much harder when your home’s airflow is obstructed. An inefficient HVAC can result in a compromised immune system during the winter months, and more expensive energy bills that will cost you much more than you would have previously expected.

Worse yet, if your HVAC system were to fail due to a lack of routine maintenance, you can expect to pay anywhere from $9,000 to $13,000 to replace the entire unit completely. This is an incredibly hefty cost, especially if you have a substantial mortgage that you are still working on paying off. Instead of neglecting your home’s main source of heat and fresh air, you should consider working with an HVAC company such as that will be able to restore your air ducts to a like-new condition.

Average Cost of HVAC Maintenance

While some like to clean their home’s air ducts sooner than others, the general consensus seems to agree that it is best to have your air ducts cleaned every three to five years. Similarly to a car, your HVAC system must undergo routine upkeep throughout every season to ensure that it continues running both efficiently and effectively. Some of the most simple and cost-effective ways that you can help your HVAC unit continue running without interruption is by replacing your furnace filter if it appears to look dusty or dirty. Not only will this help your home remain free from unwanted dust, it will also help your HVAC system by allowing it to not work as hard.

Keep in mind that a high-quality HVAC cleaning service can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000, with routine maintenance being conducted every three to five years. As you can see, while HVAC cleaning is not cheap by any means, it can save you a considerable amount of time and money that you would have otherwise spent installing a brand new HVAC unit. For this reason, homeowners will often factor the cost of routine upkeep into the total cost of their HVAC system.

We hope that you enjoyed our article on why you should consider keeping your HVAC unit in working order throughout the winter and summer months. If you are interested in learning about each of our HVAC cleaning packages that we currently offer, or would simply like to learn more about our around-the-clock emergency services, reach out to our friendly team of professionals today. We work with a variety of individuals throughout Saskatoon, and can’t wait to help you restore your home’s air quality today. Contact us today to request a quote or to learn more about our full offering of products and services. We look forward to speaking with you!

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