Furnace & Duct Cleaning in Saskatoon

Duct Cleaning Packages

Our Saskatoon furnace and duct cleaning service is not a one-size-fits-all. This is why we offer three service packages. You don’t have to worry about choosing the right one. We can give you a free house inspection or make a recommendation based on our questionnaire.

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The Contender Package

We clean your air ducts using a vacuum and compressed air to push the dust and debris toward the vacuum. Using these push and pull forces, we can remove a large amount of stubborn dust and debris from your ducts.

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The Eliminator Package

The eliminator package is great for heavily soiled duct work. We use pneumatic devices to agitate the duct lining. This targets caked on materials, breaking them loose for vacuuming.

This service is ideal for homes with:

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The Dominator Package

The dominator package is for ducts with accumulations of 1” – 4” of matted materials. We go through your ducts with a camera to find the problem areas. Once identified, we scrape, lift and pull the debris into our vacuum.


Save money in heating & cooling costs, increase the lifetime of your HVAC system and reduce allergens in your home!
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Duct Cleaning Questions & Answers

Is duct cleaning necessary?

It sure is! Indoor air pollution is one of the most important environmental threats people face. The air ducts of a six room house push out 60lbs of dirt a year! If it has been a few years since you had your air ducts cleaned, schedule it as early as possible.

What happens if I don’t clean the air ducts?

Most people don’t notice gradual odour buildup unless they’ve been away for several days. You may not notice anything but that does not mean your air is clean. Polluted air could result in respiratory problems, illness, allergies, and much more. Individuals with allergies or breathing complications are at greater risk. Some kinds of build up can cause health problems! Being preventative is critical.

What don’t I want in my air ducts?

Air ducts collect the debris of daily life. It’s the stuff that breeds mould, mildew, and harmful microbial organisms. which could circulate through the indoor air.

How much time does a duct cleaning take?

There is no set duration for a duct cleaning service. We can give you a better idea when you call and tell us what needs cleaning. It may only take a few hours but large projects may take several days. We are a furnace cleaning company in Saskatoon that also serves Warman, Martensville and surrounding area.

Will an air duct cleaning make my HVAC system more efficient?

A dirty HVAC system will be more efficient after having the ducts cleaned. Dust buildup can put your fans off balance, wear out motor belts and restrict air flow. A cleaning is like getting a full tuneup, restoring the system to its optimal state. 

Why does the air seem worse in the winter?

The change in air quality is most noticeable during the winter months. This is because people spend more time indoors. Each body contributes its share of contaminants and the air quality suffers. It seems worse because it is.

When should I have my air ducts cleaned?

It’s important to have your air ducts cleaned at least once every two years. You should have an air duct cleaner inspect your home if you come across any of the following situations.

  • if you see mould on any part of your cooling and heating systems
  • if insects or rodents have gotten into your cooling and heating systems
  • if a family member family is suffering from an allergy related illness
  • if there are large amounts of particles, dust or debris in your ducts

The first task will be to find out why the situation has happened. Once a solution is in place, we will offer you the appropriate cleaning service.

Not sure when the last time you got your furnace or ducts cleaned? Give us a call and ask us about our free in house inspection.